Intranets: 1995 vs 2008

August 12, 2008

Apologies for not writing this for a while, I spent a few weeks on hoiday in Ardersier near Inverness.

As a short, I’m back posting I think I’ll go back to the beginning of intranets. It would seem that “intranets” as a term first starts to be used around 1995, in an article by Steven Lawton.

That 1995 article is a fascinating snapshot of how people thought about information, the people being interviewed talk about making things available – rather than allowing everybody to make things available to each other. The 1995 intranet has a gatekeeper publishing model.

I’ve had a few discussions lately that make me think that this concept is still there. intranets are things other people go away and do. That won’t be true for much longer. Actually the thing that is puzzling me is why it is still partly true.

It’s not because people don’t want to take part – nor that companies don’t trust their people, but that we haven’t worked out how to get the best out of a decentralised model, that loose, ‘free for all’ publishing is still quite a poor experience for consumers of that knowledge.

The 1995 intranets were based on 1995 internet, within a few years we learned that there were differences, that we needed to think about governance and user satisfaction quite differently and do different things, the 2008 intranet is now  trying to use models from the 2004-8 internet of social media, user generated content and to do it successfully we need to learn again how that works – but remember 1995, it isn’t a lift and shift.

Anyway, just a quick thought to share, I will get back into the swing of this blog and write something more interesting soon – I must do a quiz too.

For pop music link here is something from 1995..

Hmm, My favourite tune from 1995 was Long Fin Killie’s, ‘Head of Dead Surfers’ but its not on You Tube (though their fine – but not as good – ‘Hollywood Gem‘ is) I also loved Spare Snare‘s ‘Bugs’ but the only You Tube version is a camera phone recording, so here’s Spare Snare doing something else.