What I wish I could make rule number one for intranet governance.

Intranet governance is a curious activity, basically you are trying to set generic rules that apply in too many different situations. Trying to apply a one size fits all regime to too many sizes. It’s all done with the best of intentions, you want to make all the users, the consumers and contributors to work to best practice.

But you also need to make the rules objective, to have a checklist and tick the boxes.

The rule I really wish I could make would be ‘Don’t be annoying’.

That’s it. I’ve no idea how to put this on a checklist, how to objectivise it, how to get an automated process to evaluate it…

But in my head it’s rule number one. Don’t make me watch a flash animation you put on the site to make it ‘less boring’, don’t make me hunt for a submit button because you stuck it in the wrong place, don’t make me see an error message because you mislabelled an input box and I failed to work out what to put in it, don’t make me put in information that you don’t really need, or put it in twice…

Anyway – as I said, its pipe-dream, because it’s too hard to be specific, and what annoys me might actually help somebody else.

And that leads nicely to Joanne Newsom. Responsible for one of the best gigs I saw last year, where she played in full the stunning full orchestra version of her ‘Ys’ album at Glasgow City Halls. Joanna has a voice that sounds like cats doing it. Part child, part mad old lady… and to many people, very annoying. But not to me,  her albums and EPs are near the top of my desert island discs and when she did this version of a old Scottish ballad as an encore in Glasgow it was just sublime.


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