While you were sleeping.

My favourite tune from last year was ‘While you were sleeping’ by Elvis Perkins.

http://www.elvisperkins.net/site/music.shtml (click on song title)

There are a couple of reasons it stood out; it’s structured very unusually, starting with minimal instrumentation, and slowly adding in more and more instruments, it builds into a great complex layered piece of music that is endlessly enjoyable to listen to, following the melodic threads as they work together.

The impressionistic lyrics list the things that can happen while you aren’t paying attention, from mundane domestic events to the world spinning… and even more powerfully words that seem to reflect Elvis’s own life (‘my fathers widowed wife’…’reaching for the plume of smoke’…’were you falling or were you flying’). A quick google should find what I think this refers to. Oh and don’t let the name put you off, it is his real name.

Of course, I can’t resist making this into some analogy about intranet design.

I was thinking about this when I was listening to the this week in tech podcast. Leo Laport had some ‘A list’ web pundits on. Jason Calicanus and Robert Scoble. Some of the recent tech company mergers were being discussed, and Leo, Jason and Robert enthusiastically speculated about yahoo, audible and the rest and then the 27 million dollars funding for etsy was mentioned. Etsy is a really interesting site for crafters selling their goods, it is miles better that eBay and seems a step forward in how we use the web for interaction… Jason and Robert has no comment to make on it though (I felt like they kinda smirked about the ‘crafters’ and couldn’t wait to get back to talking about stuff that was for them).

Similarly, I’ve been waiting in vain for the usual web pundit suspects to start talking about Ravelry. Ravelry is Facebook for people who knit. Now I’m not a knitter, but what Ravelry does that is that it optimises the social interaction around things people are actually doing, and this means it builds up a collection of knowledge by doing so. It’s not a wiki, it’s better than that, as a technique for engaging people to contribute to the common information space it’s the best model I’ve seen and should have direct implications about how we all use social technology in the enterprise.


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