What can Lesley Gore teach us about intranets?

Lesley Gore’s body of early 60s teen-drama girl-pop may seem a curious choice for an intranet web design guru. But before you check up the usual Neilsen’s and Krugs, you might just find that listening to her The Essential Collection is all you need.

Her best known song is ‘Its My Party’

It’s a heart rendering tale of, erm, some bloke going of with somebody else, and this is an important lesson for web designers, namely that you’ll never get the girls at parties… No actually its not that lesson I want to mention, its that your customers, the departmental heads and ‘key stakeholder’ project managers will be emotionally attached to their web site design and will not be making the best choices. But, you need to be careful applying cold logic (and appeals to Saint Jakob) aren’t persuasive. Its their party and your job is to listen to them not to point out that Johnny wasn’t much of a catch anyway. I don’t know why its so common for people to think they know about web design and demand that people much more knowledgeable than them make some beginners mistakes, but it seems a common phenomenon,

There is more is Lesley’s ouvre than Its My Party though, here insanely perky ‘Lollypops’ should be on a constant loop while your users view your site… OK maybe not…

Lesley Gore – Sunshine, Lollypops and… (Link to video on ‘Daily Motion’)

This song really is on insane side of insanely perky. You can almost feel your teeth decay as it’s sugary sweetness envolpes you… Its just way too much of a good thing and thats the lesson here, don’t over do the good stuff, its just unpleasant.

One last teen anguish mini soap-opera

Sing it quietly to yourself sometimes…


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