let me rephrase that, part two

This is all leading somewhere, bear with me, here’s Paul Mauriat’s Love is Blue. Its probably the most insanely irritating tune I know, please watch it four or five times and get back to reading this…

This version of “love is blue” was a Number 1 US single in 1968… it was the number one that preceded ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay is one of the highest achievements of culture in the 20th century, it says more than the collected works of Sarte and Camus can say about existential angst, it has more humanity in the breaking voice that stretches ‘ti -ide’ to two syllables than almost any other human artifact… Bury beneath it and hear the most sublime instrumentation… and think about that and go back to ‘love is blue’.

Love is blue is lacking in soul, it’s so vacant and empty it’s actually spooky (the TV show millennium once used it for just that quality). It’s not elevator music though, it’s too insidious for that, listening to the muzak that plays on our conference call system is disorienting, but because there is no focus to the music it’s just mildly upsetting. ‘Love is Blue’ has a much more powerful malignant impact…

The original version (previous posting) had some humanity, some character, that’s been removed in this version.

OK that’s enough, I’m using these two versions to try to make a point about rephrasing, I’ll explain “rephrasing” in the third post on this.   


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